French Restaurant & Coffee House - 15 Cheriton Place Folkestone  CT20 2AY
                                      Starters or Snacks                                         

                                       Skate Knobs                                                                               £5.95

(Our award-winning dish with rocket and coriander.)

                                      Champignons Crozé                                                                    £4.95
                                      (Our garlic mushrooms, poached in white wine, herbs, and a smidgen of cream.) 
                                      Coquilles avec Pasta frais                                                           £6.95
                                      (fresh scallops cooked in white wine, and fresh vegetables, on a bed of fresh pasta
                                      Moules Marinières                                                                       £5.95 
                                     (a bowl of our beautiful mussels cooked in white wine, garlic, black pepper, parsley, and our special sauce.) 
                                      Coquilles Hermitage                                                                    £6.95 
                                     ( Lovely local scallops, poached in white wine with fines herbes)
		    Escargots de Bourgogne Hermitage                                             £5.95
                                      ( 6 Cultivated snails with butter garlic, shallots, and fresh herbs, etc,. thank God for the garden!.) 
                                       Saumon Fumé                                                                            £5.95 
                                      ( Locally smoked salmon with prawns, and a Japanese cocktail sauce.) 
Remember that we cook each dish freshly for you. 
                                       Gratuities at our client’s discretion. 
                                                                                            Poissons – Fish 
                               Truite Hermitage                                                                       	    £12.95
                               (Fresh trout cooked in a bouillon with a caper sauce..)
                               Saumon Hermitage                                                                                  £12.95
		     (Fresh salmon cooked in butter and white wine and dill, and finished off with a smidgen of cream.) 
                               Langoustines Hermitage                                                              	     £14.95 
(Fresh langoustines cooked in butter, with onions, tomatoes, garlic, white wine, herbs, and a tad of fresh cream. Messy but fun.)

                                Buzzare Hermitage                                                                                                        £15.95

                                  (Langoustines, mussels, garlic, tomatoes, small potatoes, paprika, fresh herbs, and finished off with fresh cream.)

                                Raie au beurre capres                                                                              £15.95 
                                (Fresh skate cooked in a court bouillion and finished off with a butter and caper sauce.) 
                                Fruits de Mers Hermitage                                                                       £15.95
                                ( Various seafood and shellfish cooked together making  a super sauce.)
                                                 All main course dishes are served with vegetables or  green salad with. 
                                                Remember that good, fresh cooking takes time – as we cook each dish to order. 
                                                                                                Viandes – Meats 
                              Filet au Poivre Hermitage						                 £16.95  
		     ( Fresh fillet of beef cooked to order with a hot sweet brandy sauce.)
	              Surlonge de boeuf Hermitage                                                                   £15.95
                               (Sirloin steak with a French blue cheese sauce)
		Supreme de Canard Hermitage                                                                £15.95 
                               (Breast of  duck, cooked in and olive oil, with white wine, finished off with a cassis sauce.) 
                               Supreme de Poulet Mandarin                                                                    £12.95                                                           
                                (Breast of fresh  chicken cooked in and white wine, herbs, black pepper, mandarins, and finished off with a cointreau sauce.)
	          Agneau Hermitage                                                                                   £14.95 
                                (A fresh piece of English lamb cooked slightly rare, with a special sauce)
	               Pintade Hermitage							               £13.95
		       (Fresh French guinea fowl cooked to perfection and finished off a sweet and savoury sauce.)
                                               All main courses are served with vegetables or green salad and cooked specially for you
			A large selection of choice desserts