Nice comments from our customers

Date Customer Place Comment
18th September 2010 London 'the food was cooked perfectly- We will recommend here to our friends'
19th August 2010 Folkestone 'Don't change anything'
19th August 2010 Hythe 'Perfect!'
18th August 2010 Folkestone 'We love it here - wish we could come more often'
17th August 2010 Folkestone 'It was excellent throughout'
12th August 2010 Folkestone 'this is a special place'
8th August 2010 London 'perfect meal, enjoyed talking to you both too'
6th August 2010 London 'stay open 24 hours!'
3rd August 2010 Lyminge 'very good - we'll be back again and again!'
4th August 2010 Folkestone 'excellent service and food, 10 out of 10, very well done'
5th August 2010 Hythe 'the quality of the food was good'
3rd August 2010 Folkestone 'food excellent, carry on as you are'
30th July 2010 Folkestone 'very good food - very pleasant environment'
29th July 2010 Folkestone 'wonderful sauces- very enjoyable meal, good background music, superb food'
29th July 2010 Folkestone 'food- exquisite'
28th July 2010 Folkestone 'ambience lovely- food-yum'
25th July 2010 Folkestone 'excellent'
24th July 2010 Folkestone 'excellent as always'
26th July 2010 Folkestone 'fresh and delicious'
17th July 2010 Folkestone 'thoroughly enjoyed my first visit will definitely return'
17th July 2010 Folkestone 'was a lovely dining experience - we will be back'
14th July 2010 Dover 'very yummy, it was fantastic, thank you'
14th July 2010 Folkestone 'excellent'
9th July 2010 Folkestone 'the food was very good'
10th July 2010 Folkestone 'very good food'
9th July 2010 Mitford 'excellent'
10th July 2010 Tucson. USA 'excellent'
10th July 2010 Folkestone 'It's always great!'
6th July 2010 London 'a most enjoyable experience'
10th July 2010 Folkestone 'everything was lovely'
6th July 2010 Folkestone 'first experience - very good food'
6th July 2010 Hawkinge 'I have always enjoyed the food and the service at The Hermitage'
6th July 2010 Hythe ' It was perfect'
6th July 2010 Sellinge ' An excellent evening, very professionally done'
6th July 2010 Hythe 'word of mouth and previous experience brought us back'
8th July 2010 Folkestone 'superb, excellent'
9th July 2010 Folkestone 'No.1 fan'
3rd July 2010 Mender 'the food was good quality, well cooked, and good value'
3rd July 2010 Folkestone 'excellent, excellent!
3rd July 2010 Folkestone 'thank you excellent service, food was excellent'
4th July 2010 Northumberland 'quality of the food was good and we were well looked after'
4th July 2010 Folkestone 'very nice people. Friendly and welcoming and the food was good'
4th July 2010 Norwell.MA. USA 'the food was magnificent, the hostess knowledgeable and friendly, and the chef/ proprietor, a master chef and a gentleman'